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I am an artist living in Pittsburgh, PA, working mainly in silkscreen printing, ink drawing, and acrylic/mixed media painting.

I am curious about the often overlooked patterns and cycles of nature, which I believe can be a key to understanding and improving our role as beings on this earth. Similarly, I am inspired by all types of occult information, whether be of our environment, or of our personal worlds within. This draws me to subjects such as alchemy, sacred geometry, chaos magic, and eastern philosophy, as well as the biological and energetic workings of nature and our interactions with it.

Many of these types of subjects have been tabooed or simply ignored for a long span of history, possibly creating a dualism between both us and nature, as well as between us and our purpose and role as humans. I do not consider myself an expert by any means in any of these realms, however my art is a result of my learning, and the inspiration I gain from it. Since it is an artist’s job to convey information, I try to use imagery in a meaningful and accurate way. Therefore I often spend a significant amount of time studying and reading up on my subject matter when I am creating my work. I consider this all part of the creative process, which I enjoy greatly. I hope you enjoy the result.

The name Quantum Seedling comes from my attraction to botanical and environmental imagery, and my focus on growth on a personal level and societal level. Quantum refers to a minimum requirement for a specific interaction to take place – interactions which may bring about this growth or transformation.


– Sarah Sturgeon, Artist





This endpoint has been retired